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Monday, March 25, 2013

Progress, a Jack the Ripper Steampunk webseries…

A new webseries was brought to my attention the other day, titled “Progress, a Gothic Steampunk webseries”, is a projected 10-episode webseries, with the following narrative description…
Oscar Lerwill, the Artful Hacker of Victorian London, discovers an encrypted file posted by Jack the Ripper. Now Oscar has to find the clues to decode it in order to save his beloved Lila DeClide (the Alluring Cam-Harlot of and avoid the perilous mind-games of Adam Rhett (the Mad Troll of
Just getting started, they are using Indiegogo as their means of starter funds, so I would heartily recommend a visit to their site (located at: ), to learn more about the series, and follow with their extensive description!  Please do enjoy!

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