sl steampunk events this weekend

Saturday, March 7, 2009

SL Steampunk Events this weekend…

A number of events are taking place this weekend, beginning with Venetian Masquerade, celebrating Miss Kembri’s RL birthday. An early event, semi-formal (masks and ballgowns are preferred), so if one does have the opportunity to do so, do pay a visit, at:

Saturday afternoon, rumor has it, New Babbage will be visited by Sky Pirates (as part of an RP storyline). Details are a bit sketchy, but to learn more, please visit the NB Ning, at:

Next on Saturday’s agenda is Pearse’d and Cut grand opening in New Babbage’s New New Babbage sim. His magnificent new store, from early photos, is an amazing work, and looks to be one of the new icons of SL Steampunk’s premier sim! For further information (along with photos of its construction), please turn to:

Finally, Sunday will see the election of City Advisory Groups, with voting booths near the rental boards of each sim, so if you are a resident and/or registered voter, ensure your voice is heard! For more details, please visit:

And with that, I do wish you a good day!

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