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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Steampunk Literature: Leviathan

Located this trailer for a youth’s book to be released on October 22nd. Though *technically* slipping into the Edwardian age, it has a good number of Steampunk characteristics. Not sure about the plot, as it sounds like common ground, but I do maintain optimism for the book. To read more about Leviathan, the author, and the first two chapters, please turn to:



On the subject of Steampunk literature, Boneshakerby Cherie Priest promises to be very good indeed (I read her previous novel and loved it; already have this one on pre-order). The author also has a website dedicated to the alternate history universe the novel takes place in here.

Steadman Kondor

I attended a talk of this author during a writers festival. The worldbuilding and illustrations both appear very well executed – I am looking forward to the book coming out as well.

Steadman Kondor

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Larou – Sounds like an intriguing read, I shall have to pay the location a visit – ty!

@ Mssr. Kondor – Indeed, the more that I watch the advert (and read the chapters), the more intrigued I am as well. October 22nd should be a busy reading day!