international pipe smoking day saturday

Thursday, February 18, 2010

International Pipe Smoking Day – Saturday, 20 FEB 10

Finding a new holiday to celebrate is always a pleasure – finding one that ties into Steampunk is doubly so!  Steeped in tradition in the Steampunk and Victorian genres, and frequently used as an introspective device, pipes are a unique era hallmark.  Unfortunatly, I haven’t been able to find out the name of the organization involved, but it does look as if it has a new but steadily growing website.  The IPSD site has a small number of extremely useful links, including a FAQ on the basics of pipes, how to pack a pipe, and a very nice PDF brochure to accompany the celebrations.  For more information, please visit the IPSD website, at:
Or take a peek at the Smoker’s Forum, at: , for further information on pipes and other sundry tobacco topics.

For those who wish to avoid the RL circumstances of tobacco, I would point to an earlier article in the Heliograph on “virtual pipe smoking”, at:

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