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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Postcards from New Babbage – The Great Obolensky Metal Steampunk House

One of the intriguing aspects of Steampunk is its ability to re-invent common items in whimsical ways.  An example of this (pet) theory of mine, is a build in the north-western portion of the Wheatstone Waterways district of New Babbage – the Great Obolensky Metal Steampunk House.
Nestled just south of the Iron Bay, this bit of archecture incorporates nature and technology into a virtual living space.  Built by New Babbage’s resident evil Mastermind, Dr. Obolensky, it resided in another portion of New Babbage prior to arriving at its current locale, where it has been for the better part of a year.
Terrace overlooking the (currently frozen) Iron Bay
Lower entrance to the Metal Steampunk House
Its owner, the lovely Captain Red Llewellyn, built a small video (via which actually provides more details on its quirks and secrets, easily located on her blog (Captain Red Llewellen: The Metaphysical Musings of a Merry Misanthrope), specifically at: 
Perhaps one of the worst-kept secret in New Babbage, the *Hidden* Smugglers’ Den, 
just below the Metal Steampunk House
An artistic view of the “Great Oboloensky Metal Steampunk House” 
(also known as the Steampunk Treehouse)
Do take a moment, when in Wheatstone Waterways, to visit this Gem of New Babbage, located at: 

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