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Thursday, April 23, 2009

RL Steampunk: The Clockwork Quartet

I would imagine that being a musician is always a challenge (the travel to exotic cities, meeting exciting indvidiuals, galavanting and having a merry time after performances) – especially when one belongs to a Steampunk band of entertainers! Nonetheless, I stumbled upon these talented individuals, and had the opportunity to sample a couple of their tunes, and was pleasantly surprised.

Though labeled as a quartet, the group actually has thireen musicians!

Working together since September of 2008, the Clockwork Quartet, they have been featured by in the Guardian, the Chap, and a plethora of other publications who have marveled at their musical prowess, impressive songwriting, and of course, adherence to the Steampunk genre.

An image from their blog entry on Steampunk Archecture (now I need to find this locale, irl…!)
I’m certainly looking forward to their full album, but for the time being, they have two singles released on their website (and on YouTube, of course). However, to learn more about the Clockwork Quartet, do visit their website at:
and their blog, at:

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