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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RL Steampunk: Curious Expeditions

When one looks for unique sites, it is odd where the voyage might lead. During one of my excursions for new topics led me to a site which currently visit on a regular basis, titled “Curious Expeditions”.

Astronomical Clock Gears from the Clock Museum in Vienna, Austria

This site boasts plenty of unique entries from the realm of science past – from the origins of Phrenology to weaponry in the Grand Armory of Transylvania, from the “Magic Hairball” of Staten Island to the anatomical presentations for the betterment of science, Curious Expeditions catalogues them in detail.

“Mr. Snouter” on display

So if at some point you wish to learn more about the “Snouter” (as pictured above), do take a moment and visit Curious Expeditions, for a glimpse of what science used to be, at:

The German Emerald Polyphon, from the Musical Wonder House, Wiscasset, Maine, USA

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