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Sunday, March 1, 2009

RL Steampunk Gadgetery: Computer Tower

A full view of the Steampunk Tower

I do realize that it is a bit common to display re-worked Steampunk items, but I could not resist the opportunity to display this computer tower. One especially inters ting note are the comments on each of the sources of the major pieces he used for this project (e.g. cleaned up old railway transfer switches, steamship relay switches, ect…), which can be found in the flickr link.

Though non of the gages actually work, this small beauty would certainly be worth displaying in any domicile or workspace (I’m certain the primcount would be painful). To see more photos of Mr. D. Mattock’s creation, please turn to:


and to:

The bottom display, with an intersting pair of logos (do you recognize them – lol)!

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