rl steampunk gatehouse gazette vol 6

Monday, April 27, 2009

RL Steampunk: Gatehouse Gazette, Vol. 6

Again, Mr. Ottens has produced an excellent edition of the Gazette, with the the topic “du jour” being “Tinkerking with Time” – alternate histories and deviations that lead and emerge from the Steampunk genre.

Additional topics in this edition include an RL review of a “mad scientist’s” wardrobe, an article analyzing the possible changes that Emperor Friedrich III could have had upon historical events, a book review of “The Secret Message of Jules Verne” (involving hidden conspiriesies about the father of Steampunk), and a retrospective of Antwerp and its Steampunk gems. To read these articles, and many more outstanding pieces, please turn to:


Nick Ottens

Thank you very much for featuring it once again, sir!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Mr. Ottens,
Its always a pleasure to indulge in the latest issue of the Gatehouse Gazette – I do commend the dilligent efforts of your self and your staff in producing what I consider the best Steampunk magazine in production, sir! Kudos!
Dr. Fabre