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Saturday, February 16, 2008

News from around Victoriana and Steampunk sims

Another round of updates of general news about SL Victorian / Steampunk sims, but starting with the unaffilated sims…

Waiting for a beer in Neualtenber (the lagers never seem to come quicly enough!)

As first reported in “Through the filter of a Victorian Aesthetic”, it appears that Neualtenberg has joined the ranks of sims that have met their demise. A very well done German sim, after about mid-2007, it started to become silent, and my last visit in December was to a virtually deserted area. Beautiful, but empty. A sad passing.

Continuing with unfortunate German passings. Cybaveria, a project by Mr. Case Schunable, has also seem to gone to the wayside. I had an opportunity to visit it, and was extremely impressed with it, with it’s quaint small town, and impressive castle at the top of its mountain, but alas, it too seems to have gone.

On a more upbeat note, Miss Wind is furiously working on New Toulouse, a New Orleans / Louisana themed sim (not strictly New Orleans, but she does a fantastic job of capturing and translating the “Old World” feeling). I will be writing a longer article about it, but in the mean time, please feel free to visit in in-world, or the Ning community at:

(Babbage Square) – The latest town hall meeting covered the New Babbage group chat channels, the new Texture Library, planning new events, and specifics regarding the New Babbage Pallisade sim. For further information about these topics, please see the New Babbage Forums, at:

(Antiquity Township) – Antiquity has been very busy with a good number of events and supplemental news…

1) Miss Catheryn Beaumont has been selected as Administrative Assistant to Grand Duke Barrymore.

2) The Beaumont-Beaumont wedding was covered by SLNN (more information at: )

3)The Pirate Museum has opened in Antiquity Tortuga.

4) The Antiquity Texas sim has officially opened and Antqiuty Heartland has migrated south of Antiquity Tortuga, to become Antiquity Port Royal, with four more water sims to come soon.

From the scrapbook, the Grand Duke and Duches, from June 2007!

5) Finaly, and most importantly, Grand Duke Barrymore and Grand Duchess Magellan will be partnered… in RL. My heartfelt congratulations to this wonderful couple!

(Victoria City) – For an update on Caledonian events, please see Ms. Riel’s website, at:

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