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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: New Babbage’s Mermaid Arcade

Entrance to the Mermaid Arcade, in North Eastern Port Babbage

One of the earliest venues of Port Babbage (to my recollection) was a small shopping arcade that existed in the northeastern corner of the sim one of the few locations offering merchants selling Steampunk wares (at the time, at least). Visited it a few times, then became distracted by the proverbial “shiny SL object”. However, I revisited the Mermaid Arcade recently, and aside from the dramatic aesthetic improvements the owner, Mr. Pizzini Mayo, has filled entire venue with vendors! (No small feat in these challenging economic times!)

A view on the first floor, just outside of Ironworks

A scripted statue of mermaids is one of the first things to catch your attention upon entering the arcade. Along with the offered beverage and classical music, there are two levels to the enterprise. Mr. Mayo has remained true to the architectural design of classic RL Victorian shopping arcades, which include a glass ceiling and ironwork throughout the build.

A second impressive statue inside the arcade, and a small view of the second floor

The selection of vendors at the Mermaid is impressive, and host a number of well known stores, along with some up-and-coming merchants. Instead of trying describe each one, I have simply made a list of them, on both floors, and highly recommend that if one is ever in the market for a purchase, or simply wishes to visit a cacophony of Steampunk displays, do pay a visit to the Mermaid Arcade.

To visit the arcade, please turn to…

First Floor

Writer Steamworks
Steampunk Accessories

E. Laval Aether
Steampunk Attire

Iron Style
– Fine Beverage Products

Tiger’s Rare Books
– Books and literary supplies

Heron Curiosities
– Furniture and Interior decor

Bird of Prey
– Ladies attire and accessories

Bernard & Sons
Steampunk furniture & eye wear

Rau Paraphernalia
– Weaponry, foot gear, and Samovars

Kheph’s Creations
Steampunk accessories

Chakra Nova
– Gears and Steampunk clothes

The area immediately outside also has imagery and photos from the era, along with a small cafe area (to the left)

Second Floor

Morgana Kingsford’s
Steampunk ladies attire

Privateer Supplies & Gear
Steampunk accessories

Ordinal Enterprises
– Fine mechanical devices

Edison Corporation Retailer
– Airships

Oakwood Laboratories
– Furnishing and Fripperies

C. Capalini
– Fine furnishings

Curio Obscura
– “Strange and Wonderful” Steampunk items

Asclepicus Apothecary
– Medical supplies

Wunderlien’s Historical Garb
– Ladies attire and hairstyles

Europa Wulfenbach Outpost (Girl Genius)
– A small cultural outpost of from Europa Wulfenbach

*** A disclaimer – if any… fine tuning… needs to be made regarding the stores (as offered by the owners), please contact me so I might attend to any corrections! – ty! ***



Oh! I also love this location. The design reminds me of the Nichol’s Arcade in Ann Arbor, MI. I felt fabulous just walking through this space.

I also left several hundred L$ lighter, so…beware! 😉


Thank you so much for your kind words. I originally built the arcade as a place to sell my own wares without worrying if I would make enough to pay the rent. It has turned into more of a small business now.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Erica – Yes, madam, I do understand your circumstance (the leaving a bit poor – I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Nichol’s Arcade, unfortunatly)!

@ Mr. Pizzini – Every word is quite deserved, sir. Your enterprise is exceptionally well done, and has been a steadfast icon of Port Babbage, as far back as I can remember.


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