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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RL Steampunk: The Great White Fleet

The Flagship of the Great White Fleet, the USS Connecitcut (notice the ornate decorative design on its bow, along with its four 12″ guns)!

Imagine giant death dealing behemoths, bellowing smoke and drawing attention from around the world… I am quite confident that most readers of this blog would probably think of a giant steampowered tripod or an armored sky ship, but in our reality, it was known as the “Great White Fleet”, the first major excursion of the US Navy in a “Blue Water” capacity.

Unfortunatly, I had failed to remember that the 22nd of February was the 100th year anniversary of its accomplishment, but nonetheless, I found a very good site on the US Navy’s website that has an extensive history about the GWF, accompanied with photos and video… (a warning, the video is a bit loud)!

The USS California steaming off the coast of San Diego, prior to setting off to Hawaii

In a Steampunk sense, the Great White Fleet merged cutting-edge era technology with style and panache, and accomplishing a feat that had never been previously accomplished (the coordinated circumnavigation of a major naval force). Gears, steam, smoke, adventure, foreign destinations (to Americans, at least) all make this voyage legendary. For more information on the Great White Fleet, please turn to the US Navy’s website, at:


For further background, please do visit:



Breezy Carver

*big grin* Dear Dr Fabre You do indeed know how to find ,share dare I use “capture” the WoW factor in your published topics .. Wonderful Blog Sir ..
thank YOU for sharing with us all !!!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Well, ty, madam – I am a bit remiss on the timing, but the US Navy historical website was quite well done – apparently someone was able to avoid a field day in exchange!