busy weekend in sl steampunk

Friday, December 12, 2008

A busy weekend in SL Steampunk

A good number of events will be taking place this weekend, and I shall begin with the second half of the SL Toys for Tots, and its updated list of entertainers (as listed above). They will be performing in the sime of Utwig, so I do encourage one to visit and enjoy the talented entertainers, or simply donate to a very good cause this holiday season!

First, Bellhaven, a new Steampunk sim that shall be opening soon, will be having a “White Elephant” sale this weekend, and next weekend, providing the opportunity to a person to either dispose of, or find a baragin if you visit. For more details, please visit Bellhaven in-world.
Next, New Babbage will be hosting a Snowball Fort Fight and Rum Nog party on Saturday, starting at 2pm SLT, at the Wheatstone Waterways. Looks to be quite the adventure, with over L$5000 in prize money for the best Steampunk Snowman and/or Ice Sculpture… under 25 prims! Or just show up for the snowball fight!
Sunday has two major events, with the first being the third Aether Salon, best described in its official announcement….
Despite the fact that we are still finding pieces of the east wall in various parts of Babbage Palisades (thank you Mr. Streeter) following the rather explosive end to the Weapons! Salon… We are pleased to announce that The Aether Salon of Babbage will welcome the esteemed Dr. Augustus Dayafter for a discussion presenting the results of his medical investigation into the phenom of the Lycanthrope. Dr. Dayafter has informed us that he is uniquely qualified in this field, following a period of long study and careful observation.

Finally, at 7pm SLT, the Wraith Fleet will be hosting a Military Winter Celebration. Mr. O’Toole has posted much of its intricies in detail (as listed here…

and here…
So, if one has an affection for militaria, ensure you pay a visit to the last major military social event of the year!