unwomans kickstart project is almost

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unwoman’s Kickstart project is almost done…!

Miss Unwoman’s Kickstarter narrative!

As first mentioned (to me, anyways) on the outstanding blog Trial By Steam, Miss Unwoman is currently in the process of developing an album which will be dedicated to covers of songs from the era beginning in 1980, and spanning to 1995.  Miss A.E. Flint, a much more eloquent writer has detailed Miss Unwoman’s endeavor (which can be located here), but after you visit Trial By Steam, do consider a following visit to the Kickstarter site in question, in which a fantastic selection of options remain available, including the possibility of choosing the cover art for the work, or even a choice of a song for the album!  For more details, rewards for pledges, (and donate, as the endeavor only requires about $300/USD to complete, if you are so inclined), to take a peek here: Unwoman’s Kickstarter location (… and do visit her main location here: http://unwoman.com/)
{As always, a tip-of-the-hat to Miss A.E. Flint for getting the scoop on such an excellent project!  Be mindful to add her blog, Trial by Steam to your favorites, if you haven’t already!  I certainly have – its a must-read Steampunk blog!}

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Michelle Black

Thank you for alerting me to this project. I am a huge Unwoman fan and immediately pledged $50 at the Kickstarter site.
–Michelle Black