sl steampunk events 26 28 feb 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

SL Steampunk Events 26-28 Feb, 2010

Generally, I tend to avoid the plethora of Caledonian events, as there are usually far too many to list concisely, however, if it is of exceptional note, I’ll certainly add it, and the following event is certainly of note!  Caledon celebrates its fourth year of existence in Second Life today, with what is a day-long celebration of its founding.  Starting at 3pm SLT on Friday, the 26th of February, the Grand Balls will be tiered to  meet the global Steampunk and Neo-Victorian presence of the largest genre virtual world in existence.
Please do note the times and attire – it is a formal event, and appropriate dress is encouraged.  Do make it a point of stopping by!  For more information, please visit the Primgraph’s website for more information, located at:
Saturday has the first of two weekend events at the Academy of Industry (returning to New Babbage)… Miss Canolli Capalini will be demonstrating how to script a drinking animation using qavimator, staring at 1pm SLT on Saturday, the 27th of February.  If one has wanted to learn the basics of animation development, this is an outstanding opportunity!  For more details, please visit:
At 2 pm SLT, on Saturday, the 27th of February, the second calender for the benefit of the New Babbage’s R.F. Burton Library will be taking place.  The Babbage Ladies Fire Protection Brigade presents the “Men of New Babbage” (part two, with the first calender being released last month), with a number of gentlemen and neer-do-wells on its pages (I’ll leave the decision of which to the judgement of the readers).  Do stop by and pick up a copy – all proceeds will benefit the Library!  More details, including a SLurl, are located at:
Sunday, the 28th of February from 2 to 3 pm SLT, the Academy of Industry will host its second class, this taught by Mr. Jasper Kiergarten (a noted sculptor in New Babbage), and will focus on how to make sculpties using Sculpt Studio.  For more information on Sculpties 101, please visit:

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