steampunk artistic inspiration 3

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Steampunk Artistic Inspiration #3: Steampunk Notebook

Although extravagant items are always of note in Steampunk, having small, nuanced items really add a bit of panache to anyone’s decor and/or surroundings.  Small everyday items such as this beautiful Steampunk notebook, made by Mr. Diarment, most certainly add a unique flair to as simple device for keeping one’s ideas.  I would certainly encourage a trip to his Deviant Art locale, where there are a plethora of beautiful items on display, then perhaps a visit to his Esty shop, where one can window/screen shop at the amazing works on display (located here – alas, only two books are available at the moment, but they are quite outstanding).  Finally, the good gentleman has a blog with more of his works on display, located at: .

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