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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Steampunk Artistic Inspiration #5: Brassheart

Looking about Deviant Art for vehicle inspiration, I came across Steampunk Ship: Brassheart, an excellent work by Mr. R. Hoff.  The artwork is impeccable, but I do enjoy the small touches which makes the Brassheart standout, such as the liberal use of glass for portholes (specifically the very large display), the unique silhouette of the ship (from the side), and oddly, the fact it is in port, so one not only sees the ship, but gets a small snippet of the world around it.  An excellent work, imo, and do consider visiting his DA location for more excellent artwork, at: – Do enjoy!

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Laura Morrigan

This is amazing! what talent! I am always so jealous of those who can draw what they see in their heads, I cannot. I can write it though, I suppose.