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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: Angeleno Heights

The landmark Opera House, at Angeleno Heights

The front of Vagabonds (to the right…)

Seeing the evolution of new destinations in the Steamlands is impressive, as the interpretation of the time tends to change, and the focus of Steampunk in the small incubator of Steampunk innovation shows new aspects of the genre.  One such location which expands beyond the traditional appearance of a Steampunk sim is the new Angeleno Heights, a location which harkens to classic turn-of-the-century Los Angeles, with many representations of icons of the RL era and time.  I was fortunate enough to impose upon the sim’s owner, Mr. Quentin Falworth, for a bit more information regarding Angeleno Heights…

… the entrance to Vagabond’s….

The Steampunk Tribune: Could you tell a bit about your sim’s inception and inspiration?
Mr.Quentin Falworth: Inspiraiton has come from several sources, for example the real district of Los Angeles called Angeleno Heights, period sims, and RP set up in the Victorian Age, and an overall appreciation for vintage.  Having the Old Hollywood sim, and seeing the need for vintage jazz led us toward seeking out even older periods of class and elegance, also combining that with the seedier side of life during the turn of the century at Pike Island.  We’re trying to feed both elements, so everyone can find a niche.

…  the cozy bar, and a peek out back…

… along with a view of the seating area facing the Vagabond’s stage!

SPT: There are a good number of Steampunk sim sin SL – what sets yours apart from the rest?

QF: We don’t claim to be purely Steampunk… and you won’t find whirring cogs and wheels here, or even a steam engine.  We are more interested in the true nature of the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.  We’re also namely about entertainment, so the backdrops of the Opera House, Carnival/Amusement Park, combined with Victorian Homes and gardens feels more realistic to us than warehouses, factories, and the like.  We are completely Steampunk friendly, and invite guests to express themselves freely here.

The beautiful entrance to the Opera House…

… its massive dance floor, ready for major engagements…

… an a very nice seating area above the stage – with an excellent view!

SPT: What are the most notable parts of your sim (e.g. archecture, builds, ect…)

QF: Our Opera House is a custom build that exists currently nowhere else on the grid, and with our newest addition of Vagabonds right down the street.  Vagabonds is consistent with a cabaret lounge or burlesque bar of the period, replete with a back alley full of hangout spots, and goreous bar and stage that evoke a sense of intamacy and romance.  On the hill sits an abandoned asylum, where you can do a little thrill-seeking freely there.

A nice outdoor resting area…

… with a nice carousel down the street.

SPT: Are there regular events which people can visit and enjoy your sim?

QF: We regularly hold events at the Opera House on Saturdays, Vagabond’s on Friday nights, and the Daft House has a full calendar of daily events!  Soon we will have a choice salons and botiques, as well as live performances!

The asylum at the top of the hill 
(a trip on certainly has to want to make)…

… the carnival seating area 
(yes, everything does work, including the cannon)…

… and the entrance to the Daft House!

SPT: Is there anything else you’d care to mention about your sim?

QF: We’re looking to encourage RP amongst serious players who are looking for a new home.  Anyone intersted in leading RP should contact Mr. Quentin Falworth.

Inside the Daft House – a very nice and relaxing locale 
(when I was visiting, anyways!)

So, if you wish to enjoy a location with excellent music and entertainment, do consider paying a visit to Angeleno Heights, and its many venues!  For more infomation, and to experience this outstanding build, please follow this SLurl to Pike Island! –

And finally, a traditional 1900’s West Coast relaxation area,
perfect location to recover after a long evening of indulgement!

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