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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Steampunk Travelogue: Londinium

The Church of St. Boltoph, with its central bell tower in view

A while back, Miss Bamika Esterman kindly provided a LM to a new Neo-Victorian sim, named Londinium. I planned to visit it, but unfortunately a SL project occupied my attention, and I had let a journey to it slip, until recently. As I was working on adding new advertisements for New Babbage merchants, I had passed an eye on the Neo-Victorina Steampunk photoline (located on the left side of the blog). I began to notice stunning photographs, and realized that I had failed to visit this new sim! So, I attended to business, so to speak.

An overview of southern Londinium, the hub of activity of Londinium

Upon arrival, one lands in a central TP point (inside a small visitor’s center), which provides the background for the Londinium, the basic concepts of their RP, groups, and a status tag (allowing a designation of an observer status, for easy exploring). One important thing to know, is Londinium is an adult environment. The rules explain this, and provide detailed criteria on comportment in the sim (e.g. No age play, that is a Victorian sim, tag requirements, ect…). They may, at first blush, seem a bit cumbersome, but after reading them, they do make sense, drawing upon the experience of issues from other RP sims.

A close-up of Londinium’s lighting, on the docks of southern Londinium

Upon exiting (and applying an appropriate tag), one arrives at the harbor, with a nautical vessel in a nearby slip and an adjoining airship parked nearby. A notable touch is the beautifully stylized lamps that adorn the port, along the dockway. To the north, on can see the landmark Tower of Londinium, and further north (in the adjoining sim), is a peaceful residential section.

The Theatre of Light and Sound – reminiscent of a classic structure…

Heading south is the main public section of Londinium, which include the Theatre of Light and Sound (with regular performances – akin in appearnace to the Globe), its shopping districts, and the beautiful Lake Vaher. All are exceptionally well designed and built, and it was a pleasure to take a stroll along its streets, even seeing new and unfamiliar Neo-Victorian merchants wares.

The streets of the shopping district

One note there are numerous adult items and areas (e.g. stores, poseballs, ect…) and some conversation that may be a bit beyond the norm from the average SL Neo-Victorian and Stemapunk sims. If you do not wish to engage in RP or associated activities, do remember to wear your observer tag and follow the Londinium rules.

The serene Lake Vaher, one of the better “small parks” in SL Neo-Victoriana

Overall, the sim is an impressive gem of Neo-Victorian design, rivaling Rivet Town in appearance and architecture. Its environment is atypical from the common SL Steampunk or Neo-Victorian, but even if one does not wish to engage in any of its activities, it is most certainly worth a visit to see the beautiful build that comprises Londinium.

An extended view of one of the business districts of Londinium.

To visit Londinium, please continue to:

A parting photo of St. Boltoph, in the early morning…

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Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle

We’ll have to disagree on this one I think. While it’s a well built sim (with the exception of several sets of stairs) it’s about a neo-Victorian as Renaissance Isle. Quite apart from the assorted poseball generators, most of the buildings seem to be some sort of pseudo-Tudor build.

Rivet Town beat this one hands down.