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Saturday, January 5, 2008

News from New Babbage

(Babbage Square) – Finished attending the New Babbage “town hall” and some very interesting news has been publicly announced…
1) New Babbage will be expanding in the near future with an (as yet un-named) additional sim. Its appearance will be a bit different than the four current Babbage sims, but if you are interested in a parcel, please contact Mr. Shawanthan Sprocket in-world.
2) The train system in New Babbage will possibly be expanding… to an as-yet-unnamed sim
3) The New Babbage Cog will soon be gone… and evolving. Miss Eggberta Echegary is in process of developing the next generation of SL sim news site – keep tuned for further updates!
4) Rumors abound that the New Babbage standard (as seen above) will be changing. Nothing confirmed as of yet, but be aware of this vexilogical transition.
I am experimenting with a new social network,, and specifically the Winterfell group. I’m quite impressed with the ease of introduction, personalization, and layout it displays. Miss Serra Anansi has done a yeoman job in laying the foundation of what appears to be (in my humble estimation) a superb off-world gathering spot. It is located at:
Also, as one may notice, I have been experimenting with new formats for the blog. I wanted a wider display, and am still unsatisfied with the layout appearance. I do appreciate your patience while I continue to “monkey around” with the blog.

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