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Monday, August 17, 2009

Steampunk Cinema: The Picture of Dorian Gray movie trailer

Stumbled across this while I was working on an upcoming article, and though it isn’t *exactly* Steampunk, I would say the Oscar Wilde’s work does hold up quite well. The plot synopsis narrates…
When a naïve young Dorian (Ben Barnes) arrives in Victorian London he is swept into a social whirlwind by the charismatic Lord Henry Wotton (Colin Firth), who introduces Dorian to the hedonistic pleasures of the city. Henrys friend, society artist Basil Hallward (Ben Chaplin) paints a portrait of Dorian to capture the full power of his youthful beauty and when its unveiled Dorian makes a flippant pledge: he would give anything to stay as he is in the picture even his soul.

Looks to be an intriguing production, and must say that I’m quite looking forward to its release!

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