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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RL Steampunk – Clockwork Hearts… and more!

Doing a bit of looking about (whilst I can), I happened upon a crafts site that has a few interesting Steampunk projects, including the a Steampunk fish, and the aforementioned Clockwork heart. Using a polymer clay, and with a bit of imagination (and gears, which she is unfortunately sold out of at the moment), one can devise a clever RL Clockwork heart, the proverbial object of one’s desire!

The plans for the sporty fish run about $6.00 (no, not lindens, but USD), but the heart’s plans are free. Most certainly worth a visit it one wishes to personalize a small something before Valentine’s day (that would be Saturday, gentleman – woe be to the fellow who forgets)! The link to the “CF Projects” site is at:


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