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Friday, March 27, 2009

Steampunk Events: 28 March – 29 March, 2009

A goood number of events are taking place this weekend, and I though I would touch on a few…

Saturday, the 28th

Miskatonic Valley Authority – Grand Opening Ball (4-8 pm SLT, @ the Miskatonic University)

New Babbage – Steamfitters Industrial Gold Themed Ball (6-9 pm SLT @ the Piermont Landing, Wheatstone Waterways)

Armada – Call of the Sirens (2-3 pm SLT, @ the Siren’s Kiss Burlesque)

Official advert for the MVA Grand Opening Ball

Sunday, the 29th

New Babbage – Kite Festival (1-3 pm SLT, @ Palisades Green Space)

Armada – The Scarlet Chamber (6-7 pm SLT, @ the Siren’s Kiss Burlesque)

An overview of Armada – apparently a popular photo!

Two more items of note…

Rivet Town: The last weekend to visit the Rivet Town sim, as it will be gone after this weekend. One of the most photographic Steampunk venues, its loss will be felt, to the misfortune of the SL Steampunk circles.

Mieville: Had the opportunity to speak with one of the managers of Mieville. Though its opening was planned for November of last year, its main builder took severely ill in RL, and was not up to the task until recently. However, its construction is back on track, and they are currently having a sim-wide sale, with the proceeds going to RFL.

{Personally, I think I shall simply relax this weekend!}

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