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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Steampunk Events: 1-2 August, 2009

Well, this weekend is perhpas best described as a “recovery weekend”, after all of the excitement of the massively successful Steamland entries for RFL and the perennially dazzling events at the Piermont Landing. This being said, not all of this weekend’s events are to be “attended”, perhaps visited, or of only interst to a limited group….
Saturday, August 1st
Last Call to particiate in STEAM (event registration ends on Saturday)

The STEAM event, a circumstance for merchants, will end its registration run this Saturday, so if one is intersted in particiapting, please ensure you do contact Mr. Peterson. For the sake of convience, I have reprinted the earlier post regarding STEAM below…
During my travels in SL I have had the opportunity to encounter a Mr. Perryn Peterson, a gentleman who has been diligently keeping the goal of establishing the sim of Mieville alive. Through many travails he (and his management team) have endured since last November, he has never given up hope on Mieveille. This being said, in preparations for its opening (not yet announced, but soon, baring any further circumstances), he passed me a note-card describing what he has titled STEAM…

If you would like to apply for your shop to be part of the first ever Steampunk Grid-Wide hunt, called the Steampunk Traveler’s Event, Adventure and & Megahunt (STEAM), please {read the following}…

STEAM begins Tuesday, the 1st of September and will run until Wednesday, the 30th of September.

Grid-wide hunts present a superb opportunity to boost sales for your shop as well as increase traffic to your land. STEAM is a first in SL; there has never been a Steampunk-themed hunt before. For this reason, it is a chance to showcase your talents and products to a huge new audience and have lots of fun in the bargain.

Here is what we ask of you:

1) Please use only your own original creations as gifts. Sculpties, textures, and scripts may be used to this end, but please make certain that the final product is your very own design. We ask that you create items(s) for THIS hunt only. This means that it has never been offered by you before, and cannot be obtained in any other way except through the hunt, until after September 30th, 2009.

2) The theme is Victorian Steampunk. Whilst you may create anything you like as a gift/gifts, hunters will appreciate something that goes along with the theme, if possible.
We ask that ALL applications be submitted no later than Saturday, the 1st of August. If you would like yours to be one of the first stops in the hunt, please submit your application asap. Act quickly to reserve your place in STEAM!

3) Please hide your hunt item within 20 meters of the landing spot INSIDE your shop. If we cannot find them, the hunters won’t succeed either. We do want them to have a challenge, but also to have a good time. However, if you feel your item is being found too quickly, by all means move it as often as you wish; however, if you do so, make certain you change your hint! Hints will be required on the site (that is, in each shop).

4) You will be given a hunt poster, a group joiner, and a hint prim. You will also be given a box in which to hide your gift. Please do not change the size, color, name or shape of the box which at this time is anticipate to be a sculpty Steampunk gear. If you are clever about hiding it, people won’t find it right away, but will spend time in your shop, which is to your benefit.

More about this if your application is successful!

To find out more about the STEAM and/or obtain an application to participate, please contact Mr. Perryn Peterson in-world.

New Babbage: A special exhibition of Doctor Katari Kaligawa’s work…
This is the last weekend to view the Doctor’s endeavors, so to quote the NB Ning entry…
The exhibit will run from the 21st of July to the 4th of August, at the Perdido Street gallery in Babbage Square. We’ll be giving over the entire main gallery to Doctor K’s works, including her photographs of New Babbage, and several paintings and drawings new to SL. Additionally, those of us at 221B will be displaying some Babbage-centric works in the smaller studio room.

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

The events for Sunday take place in the Armada sim, starting with the Wanderlust dance event (at the Wheelhouse), taking place at 12pm SLT, followed by the first Scarlet Chamber meeting (at the Siren’s Kiss Burlesque), at 6pm SLT. The Scarlet Chamber is a Salon event, which will discuss “Women and Power”, so perhaps I’ll simply sit at the Aetherdome, have some whisky and smoke some cigars (hm, sounds like a good RL options as well)! For more details on the aforementioned events, please turn to the Armada Ning, at:

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