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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Second Life Issues affecting, well, everything (in SL)

[Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times]

Once again, SL has died on the vine, with much of its issues apparently coming from the “new and improved” viewer. As such, I’ve been unable to update the weekend events for the Steampunk lands – for this, I do apologize. Hopefully, SL will be back up and running (/me rolls eyes…) and the gunk will be removed from its gears… soon (or eventually, anyways).



Terribly sorry there old chap. We’re as annoyed as you are, believe me. However, we’ve propped up the database with platinum-etched walking sticks, and things are settling down. I love your blog, btw.
-Erica Linden

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Miss Linden,
Supurb – it appears that SL seem to be chugging along quite well, so thank you for the reconstruction efforts, madam. Additionally, thank you for the kudos!