steampunk hat with automation

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Steampunk hat… with automation!

Hello again!  Still working to consolidate and streamline the Facebook links, but in the mean time, I came across this genius Steampunk hat – I’m *certain* it would be a show-stealer at any con!  Mr. Gary Sullivan, the inventor of this gem, specializes in antiques (with an emphasis on clocks, if I divine correctly from his homepage), but with works such as this, I am looking forward to any future designs he builds!  For more detail on Mr. Sullivan’s endeavor, please pay a visit to his website, at: , and a peek at his outstanding blog, at:


New England Science Fiction Events

This hat is on display at the Steampunk Form and Function II exhibit at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation in Waltham, MA. I got to see it in action on opening night! 🙂

Plush Possum Studio

This is so weirdly great!
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