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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Steampunk Media – Girl Genius!

I have been a bit remiss in writing on this wonderful work, and have finally had the opportunity to do so! My first encounter with Miss Agatha Hetrodynes story was at the urging of Miss Virrgina Tombola, who mentioned that she found the webcomic to be supurb (if I remember her modest quote correctly). I visited last year, spend a good chunk of time enthralled reading her adventures, but with my miniscule attention span, failed to make note of annotating it to the blog.

Recently, I realized that I had failed to make a post on it, and since Baron Wulfenbach has established his presence in SL (or at least consulates, for now), I felt the least I should do would be return and catch up on the episodes I had missed. A couple of hours later (I re-started from the beginning (chapter one) and working my way to chapter seven, I realized that I needed to do my part in spreading the probably best Gaslamp Fantasy / Steampunk online comic

Please visit the following links:
Girl Genius comic

Jagerkin TK – all about Girl Genius

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