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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: Laputa, the Sky City

Arriving in Laputa, Stempunk Sky City

A bit ago during further explorations, I located an interesting Steampunk city, named Laputa, the sky city. Needless to say, I had to visit.

Taking a rest while I observe the astronomical display

And was suitably impressed with the unique angle taken by Mr. Crunch Underwood in his build. Aside from Caledon SkySteamCity, there are few Steampunk build that exist purposefully as an aero establishment (e.g. Sybirya).

Photograph of the grounds of Laputa

However, Laputa expands on this theme, existing as an open city encompassing the sky, with sidewalks that easily show the land far below it, and has floating rocky platforms, complete with benches for couples, and illumination for the evenings.

A personal skyship by the observeratory (to the north of the ship)

Please be forewarned, this is not only a new personal project of Mr. Underwood, but is still under construction. There are numerous aspects that still need polishing, but he is hard at work, addressing this minor issues.

Entrance to the Laputa Library

A standout aspect of Laputa is its library, which has an extensive collection of Victorian books (which one can read, if desired), and an excellent gallery, with the works of a variety of era artists on display.

Reading a classic (and apparently putting a “crick” in my neck!)

A miniscule portion of the artistic display on the second floor

Additionally, a brewery is located on the eastern side of the Sky City, with a large bar area, and the brewery in the “back”.

Exterior to the Ten Bells, Laputa’s watering hole

It appears that his intention is to attract more vendors of the Steampunk / Victorian genre to Laputa (as noted by the rental bots on the main street), but again, Im not quite sure when it will be “officially” open, so if you are interested, please do contact him.

Copper tuns in the back of the brewery

A very unique and promising build, I am looking forward to the completion of Laputa in the near future.

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