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Friday, February 12, 2010

Stemapunk Media: Abney Park Live, at the San Francisco Burton’s Wonderland Ball

My apologies as I’ve been conscripted to attend to pressing RL duties, but I do present the latest performance of Abney Park a the aforementioned San Francisco Wonderland Ball, earlier this month!  Please do enjoy!


Rhianon Jameson

Very nice – and the band found a Steampunk urchin girl as a living, breathing fiddle stand! 🙂

vvb32 reads

LOL – regarding the urchin girl remark above. Thanks for sharing this video.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Miss Jameson – I concur, more urchins are needed in the RL steampunk world. Perhaps they can catch up with the virtual worlds!

@ Miss vvb32 – My pleasure! I shall have to add more Steampunk artists in the future as well. Glad you enjoyed it!