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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Victorian Nautical Combat Activities

Battle of Trafalgar (or Antiquity Lagoon?)

(Antiquity Lagoon) – There will be two (instead of one) combats for this week for all interested individuals. After consultations and discussions, two SPD-class combats will take place in Antiquity waters, both open to all interested captains, of all colors (Victorian Navies & Piratical brethren).

The first will be an open skirmish, on Thursday, 11 Oct 07, at 8pm, SLT. It is a “free form” gathering (meaning open combat, anyone against anyone, terms to be decided upon by the combatants). We are still in discussions on the particular body of water, but it is tentatively to occur in Antiquity Lagoon.

The second will be on Sunday, 14 Oct 07, at 5pm SLT. This will be a single round elimination between (tentatively) two to three ships at a time. The victorious ship (last ship standing, so to speak) will win a 1K linden purse, and a highlighted interview in Gazette (so much more valuable (lol))!

Additionally, (not to shamelessly endorse the following…) if anyone wishes to display the hard work the put into their ship modification efforts (any class or type of ship), I shall be happy to annotate the “Ships of the Line” with photos and descriptions of such (a concept shanghaied from Commodore Trenton)!

In conclusion, two SPD-class competitions, the first for practice, fun, and bragging rights, the second for the aforementioned and a 1k purse, along with a highlight of their hard-won victory!

(Ironclad combats are in planning, for those interested, using the ICS combatants.)



From Commodore Sin Trenton, ICN

“The Caledon Middlesea Fleet is part of the Imperial Navy of Caledon and despite any strange rumours of a possible internal conflict in Caledon , this is simply not the case. Captain O’Toole is a talented officer in the Imperial Navy and serves the Duchess of Caledon Middlesea. It is in no way unusual to hold several positions in this way for skilled citizens in Caledon.

Let us just clarify for the record, that the now officially established channels between our three Navies is very much active and we would ask the good citizens of our three regions to try to refrain from spreading rumours based on dubious hearsay. The Admiralty is always happy to inform and clarify any questions the good citizens may have.

Commodore Sin Trenton,

Imperial Navy of Caledon”

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Hotspur O’Toole

Not to cause offense or clamor, but I must refute the statement published herein. The Caledon Middlesea Fleet is NOT part of the Imperial Caledon Navy, it is a free and independent fleet– a sort of Sea-Fencibles set up for the defense of Middlesea after the last barbarous intrusion from New Babbage. We most emphatically do **not** acknowledge sovreignity of the Imperial Caledonian Navy in our affairs, and will not take orders from them. We are not, as Commodore Trenton seems to have interperted the fact, a band of nautical mercenaries, rather a legally constituted defense force formed at the behest of the Duchess of Middlesea. With that said, we have nothing but cordial relations with the Imperial Fleet and any other nautical force willing to treat Middlesea as an equal. We do acknowledge that Middlesea is (of course) in Caledon, and will act as an Allied fleet in times of war. We reserve the right to speak for own nautical affairs and represent ourselves in any ongoing proceedings. Please understand that this statement is not made with any ire or to cause hurt feelings, we are merely RPing a navy in our own fashion.


Post Captain O’Toole

I will repeat this statement in my own journal, just to set the matter straight.