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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Antiquity Wedding – The Barrymore-Magellan Nuptials

The church before the wedding
This Saturday saw the SL marriage between Grand Duke Gregg Barrymore and Grand Duchess Angel Magellan in Antiquity Township East, to an impressive crowed of well-wishers. (I realize there are empty seats in the pews, but the official count was 77 visitors, perhaps a bit more, considering SL technical issues).

The bride and groom at the altar, exchanging vows
Though I was unable to attend, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, a member of the wedding party, kindly took the time to photograph the event, in addition to his formal duties. In addition to the main ceremony, the introduction included a Tall Ship salute, and the post ceremony had a visit from a contingent of Woodbury University “well-wishers” (apparently they were dispatched, but nonetheless, it was kind of them to visit as well)!

… followed by the tradition kiss
I certainly wish them (and Antiquity) the best of luck, and look forward to learning of their RL nuptials someday!

(I would hate to be the fellow on the left… I can hear it now…
Lady in Pink – “I can’t believe you were afk during the wedding! How rude! We’ll talk about this later, mister!”
AFK Gentleman – “grumble!”)
For more photos and a synopsis of the wedding (to be upcoming in the immediate future), please turn to the Antiquity Gazette, at:

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