john carter warlord of mars

Friday, February 3, 2012

John Carter, Warlord of Mars… an introductory trailer, with a bit of analysis thrown in!

Disney released a new trailer for the upcoming “John Carter from Mars” movie – though it seems to be more of an introduction to the works themselves, vice a direct promo for the endeavor.  Not quite sure what to make of it – I always had a soft spot for the series, but I suppose I’ll have to reserve judgement until the movie is released.  Actually, a further discussion of the “relevance” of Mr. E.R. Burrough’s series can be found on IO9 (located here: ), and makes for good reading.. though I wouldn’t wager the original readers put as much thought into it!  Nonetheless, please do enjoy!

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Dalestair Kidd

This looks like something to watch out for.