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Friday, May 16, 2008

New Babbage – Transitions

The remains of my small plot in Port Babbage..

My apologies for the lack of updates – I’ve recently been pre-occupied with a land exchange effort with Miss Kaylee Frye. She has assumed control of my location on #9 Port Babbage, and I have moved into her location at the Palasaides. As such, I’ve shuttered the Quarterdeck (as seen by the empty plot above), and indulged in the perennial pastime of alingning prims.

Nonetheless, please feel free to visit the “new” clock tower just outside the Palasaide walls – it has a great view, a barrel of Guinness, and a box of cigars. A great location to just sit and chat (or sort through inventory)!

On a less upbeat note, I’ve recently Miss Zoe Connolly has taken ill, and is having to reduce her blogging and SL interaction as she address her maladay. If you wish to do so, please stop by her blog and wish her a rapid recovery.

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