scientific romance blog relaunched

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Scientific Romance blog relaunched!

Did a bit of online exploring for an article, and discovered that “Voyages Extraordinaires: Scientific Romances in a Bygone Age ” relaunched earlier this month (November). I especially enjoy reading it, as it focus concisely on the “Scientific Romance” genre, with plenty of factual background to draw upon.

Mr. Raven writings are always an enjoyable read – and the topic matter is obviously… well, appropriate. I encourage one to visit his relaunched website at:

and if you desire, stop by his earlier blog site at:


Cory The Raven

Thank you for the mention and the compliment!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

NP, sir! You’ve taken on a topic which has little exposure to the “masses”, and provided a window into the early stages of an artform that is often disregarded in the early chapters of film hisory textbooks. (After having the opportunity to take an “early film history” course myself, my perceptions of modern movie making were changed forever, especially after seeing such classic works as “The Battleship Potemkin”, “Nosferatu”, and “Un Chien Andalou”, to name a few.