steampunk gaming much haste to igford

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Steampunk Gaming – Much Haste to Igford!

A busy day in RL, but not too busy to discover an impressive project by a Mr. Rich Morgan, as part of his project for his BA in Creative Computer Design at Swansea Metropolitan University.  The game itself is a racing game set in a Steampunk environment – as one can see from the above production.

In addition, Mr. Morgan has a blog (or a “developmental journal, as he titles it), where he details the travails and minutia involved with “Much Haste to Igford”.  Very interesting, but it can be a bit technical – still, certainly merits a read!  To visit his blog, please turn to:



Is there a way to try out the game? I didnt find downloads.

Looks nice though.


Hi! I just came across your blog – very interesting! You may be interested in my new steampunk (mainland) region in Second Life. Search for Airship Horus. My SL username is Martin Jestyr

Keep up the great work!


@ Mr. Josef – Been trying to contact the designer, but Im not sure the endeavor is ready for general use. Ill be keeping an eye on the blog, just in case it does become available.