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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Steampunk Travelogue: Nemo sim to open Tuesday!

Learned today that one of Second Life’s best recognized, but unhearlded Steampunk Builders, Mr. Sextan Shepherd, will be opening his new sim, Nemo, this Tuesday, the 23rd of March.  As on can ascertain, it will be an underwater sim and will contain his outstanding signature textures and attention to detail.
If you are not familar with the gentleman’s name, you might recognize his work – it has been showing up in many corners of the Steamlands since his first ship (pictured above).  The Strato-Moblis series also has a number of larger ships and other build – all using his unique texture and style.  His work is impeccable, so I’m quite sure his sim will be just as stunning!  The sim is closed until Tuesday (yes, I did try to visit), but his works are on display at 
More updates as they become available!


Located the SLURL for Nemo, at: , so do take a moment to indulge in his beautiful work!


Amanda Borenstadt

His work is simply enchanting. 🙂


Dear Dr Fabre, Thank very much for this post on your blog.

Warm Regards